The Adventures of Prewitt the Brave Puppy

The Adventures of Prewitt the Brave Puppy
Prewitt Meets Crusty the Crab

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Find beauty in the ordinary, for everything has beauty. 

Friday, 27 November 2015

Sherilynn, the Dream Weaving Fairy Queen

Sherilynn, the Dream Weaving Fairy Queen

Once upon a time, a long time ago long before Kate set Wills’ heart aglow.
Before the Kardashian stole the Ken and Barbie show, and Miley became the little mouse that roared.
Way before Jay placed a ring on it, and Beyoncé made booty an enormous hit.
The Queen of Fairies came down to earth, in a quest to know, what real love was worth.

The feisty Queen known as Sherilynn went down in history as a heroine.

She searched the meadows and rode the streams until she learnt what true love means.  

One day a butterfly fluttered by, blue silken wings caught the Fairy’s eyes, a more impressive sight she had never seen, Morph captured her heart and enthralled the Queen.

 Soft feathered wings brushed the Fairy’s cheek, and she yielded to the blue mystique.
A shining gem lit the Fairy’s eyes, her enchantment she could not disguise. 
Morph flew as though he owned the skies, shining like a million fireflies.
Sherilynn knew she had been beguiled, but could not bid sweet Morph goodbye.

The songbirds sang a sad refrain, and the Fairy’s tears fell like rain.
But the butterfly flew merrily on, his time was short, his journey long.
 The Queen was sad, her heart forlorn, she followed Morph into the dawn.
Her wings grew tired her legs felt weak, her lips so dry she could not speak.
She braced herself to hit the ground, but the softest butterfly wings she found.


Cocooned in light of cobalt blue, she gave her heart, and he gave his too.
They moved away to butterfly land, where dreams are sprinkled by the man of sand.
With wings spread wide, they hovered above, basking in one perfect love.
The Fairy’s job was weaving dreams, but she grew tired of human schemes.
Mankind had forgotten how to dream and had no need for a Fairy Queen.
The world had lost its harmony, like a song without a melody.
The people fought, they lost their faith and soon discovered a thing called hate.
Like a rudderless ship, they drifted by, with no destination, they rode the tide.
The coffers filled to overflow; their joyless lives were full of woe.
They waited for the bell to toll, with empty hearts and withered souls.
A world devoid of empathy was drowning in floods of apathy.
 Morph lived with his Fairy Queen, in the land where love is evergreen.
Above the treetop canopy, life surpassed all fantasy.
They followed the butterfly’s ancient code, the human world all but ignored.
 After thirty days of heavenly bliss, Morph made the appointment he dared not miss.
The Fairy Queen must let him go, although she loved and adored him so.
She held him tight all through the night; then Morph began his greatest flight.
In the pale moonlight, she watched him leave, and the Fairy Queen began to grieve.
She whispered words as soft as a sigh, “au revoir my love but never goodbye.”
Although her heart must surely break, she knew their love was no mistake.

 As Morph soared high and embraced the light, one more star lit the sky that night.
 The Fairy lost her heart’s delight, and darkness reigned both day and night.
The children started a revolution; the nation petitioned for a resolution.
The Fairy sighed and shook her head, and these few words were what she said.
“Dreams are the wings on which we fly, it is deep in the core and will never die.
Love is the state of heaven on earth; it is the magic that fills the heart with mirth. It is better to have loved and know the joy than never to have loved at all. Love that is true will find it’s course, as the river returns to its natural source.”
The Fairy pledged to restore the dream because life is much more than what is seen.
A new age dawned, and people were less fickle, the vision returned trickle by trickle.

And Sherilynn reached for her weaving machine, her Fairy smile, radiantly serene.
 Above her head, her children flew, in colours true, pure cobalt blue.

The End.

© J Alexis-hagues November 2015

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Excerpt (4) Beyond Foggy Bottom Farm: The Adventures of Prewitt the Brave Puppy

(4) Another short excerpt from Beyond Foggy Bottom Farm.
The Adventures of Prewitt the Brave Puppy: A Mash-Up In the Mangrove.

Before disappearing into the mangrove, Pearly Merly turned toward the beach.

She saw that Crusty and the strange dog were both following close behind her.

The agitated  crab continued to throw her dainty claws in the air
as she warned of impending doom.

Prewitt hesitated before turning to Crusty. "What did you mean, 'claws grow back?'"

But the crab would only repeat, "no worry dag, clase gro' back."

Prewitt shook his head and decided to leave the questioning for another day.

"Well...u comin'?" Crusty waved his ginormous orange claw at Prewitt.

"Er...I don't want to intrude on your little family powwow,
but I'm here looking for adventure,
don't you dare try to stop me now." Prewitt grunted crossly.

" in then? Asked Crusty, with a smug grin on his crabby face.

"Am I in? My friend, does a one-legged duck swim in circles?
Does turkey get pimples on Christmas Eve? Duh! Of course I'm in.

Crusty and Prewitt looked at each other and began to laugh.

 "Awrighty! But me nor want u t'inkin' me twist u leg now."

"Ah Chu! W'at we waiting for, crab? Let's go mashup some shells.

"Lookie 'ere, now the dag takin' crab!

The peculiar sound of crab and dog engaged in friendly banter echoed down the sandy beach. The odd pair moved out of sight and disappeared as if they were simply swallowed up by the mangrove.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Adventures of Prewitt the Brave Puppy

Book Excerpt  2

"Chuck him out!” Clucked Imelda Pluck, the timid duck who feared the fox.

 "Show no pity!" Purred the Sarky Kitty,  who lived by her wits but was rarely witty.
Tick tock went the clock, will Judge Roo deliver a shock?

The Fox shook his head, "whatever!" He said.

"A dead Fox walking." Chirped the Freaky Chick gawking.

The Pigeons took bets on how long Willy gets.

The Fox stood still, like a rock in the dock.

The Cat  popped her claws as the gavel dropped.